Why Are Parents Arseholes to Each Other?

20 Jan

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Earlier this week I found myself involved in a discussion on Facebook about co-sleeping and breastfeeding, both of which I have practised with my three children.

As I fervidly tapped away at at my phone, I felt all of my old ‘new mum’ passions being stirred up, I got quite animated and at one point I think I felt my defunct milk ducts tingle in solidarity with my writing.

The catalyist for the thread was an article in the Daily Mail, the headline for which read, ‘Bad news for dads: Babies ‘should share mother’s bed until age three’ because it’s good for their hearts’. 

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How to make Sloppy Joes

21 Oct

finished joe

I have just discovered the awesomeness that is a Sloppy Joe! 

I have to pass on this recipe to you because, quite frankly, it’s comfort in a bun, curled up on the sofa with candles and fluffy socks, kinda comfort in a bun.

You getting me?

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Autumn, What Does it Say to You? (Please Don’t Tell Me It’s Bloody Onions)

16 Oct

chestnuts What’s your favourite season?

Is it Spring, when new shoots search for the light, wellies are worn, puddles splashed in and the sun says ‘hello’.

When the days are brighter, dinner is something grilled and eaten with chilled wine and a smile. When love is fallen into,  lambs are born, babies are made, life gets warmer. New beginnings, happiness, daffodils, holidays searched for and cute cardigans worn.

Maybe it’s Summer, when the nights are long and the air is heady with good stuff being grilled over the neighbours BBQ. When the beer is especially cold and the days perfectly warm.

When school is out and mornings are slower, bedtime is later and Margaritas stronger. A time for flip flops, sun showers, turquoise jewellery, holidays, smiling and bare skin.

Or is it Winter, when duvets get cuddlier and mornings get darker. When fires are lit, cozy slow cooked dinners are made and eaten with heaps of velvety mashed potatoes and good red wine.

When curtains are drawn, blankets brought out and old movies are watched on a wet Sunday afternoon. Boots are worn, hats are searched for, snow is seen and Christmas is coming.

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Perfect Almond Pesto, Helping Me Hang on to Summer…

14 Oct

Now, I realise that in most places summer has pretty much sodded off, packed up its flip flops and flicked up a suntanned finger  ‘a la the bird’ as it trotted off cockily.  

But in Gran Canaria, where I am, it’s still sweaty boob weather, so my basil is bloody blooming!

We normally kill our basil plants within a few weeks. The mixture of relentless sunshine, wind, an arsehole of a cat and three kids, is bad news for basil.

But remarkably, this most recent plant is thriving, so I thought I’d chop a load of its beautiful leaves off and make me up some pesto!

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Avocado, Softest Eggs & Sweet Chilli Sauce on Toast

7 Oct

eggs avocado

Imagine a thick slice of buttered toast, creamy avocado, oozing egg yolk and the hit of sweetness and heat, that comes from a good chill sauce and you have yourself one ass-kicking, lip-smacking breakfast!

My mum brought this recipe to my attention a while ago. I must say, regardless of her enthusiastic ranting on about it, I wasn’t actually convinced, until she made it for me one morning, after a a night of drinking too many cocktails.

And then holy hell, it was like a breakfast epiphany.

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